Motor Matic Injeksi Irit Harga Murah Yamaha

Motor Matic Injeksi Irit Harga Murah Yamaha

Matic injection motors economical prices – Yamaha Mio A recent innovation Motor matic injection economical prices. This article is made to follow Yamaha writting competition.

Yamaha Mio Glance
Mas bro surely familiar matic output Yamaha motorcycle named Mio, Yups .. matic motorcycle this one was already attracted a lot of bikers aka make love, especially the lovers of motorcycles in Indonesia matic, because bodynya kelincahanya ok well proven.
Matic motorcycle originally considered by the eyes of most of the bikers in Indonesia Yamaha Motor Indonesia, but since the presence of Yamaha Mio, it turns out the bikers in Indonesia began to change that perspective, and begin to look bicycle motor matic .

Was marked with several other bike companies that went along with producing motorcycles matic talkative, and some even produce a tongkronganya matic motorcycle is very similar to the Yamaha Mio (masbro already on announcing who?) But the original remains the most front ….

Yamaha Mio J
Enough about my first Yamaha Mionya, now I will discuss the latest infi about the latest Yamaha Mio which began February 2012 has bobbed didealer-masbro nearest dealer, especially if it is not Yamaha Mio J. Masbro would rather nich wonder why Yamaha Mio koq name J? instead of z or Yamaha Yamaha Mio Mio MX? He .. he .. he .. Actually, the letter “J” was taken from the name of Yamaha’s latest technological innovation is YMJET FI (Yamaha Jet-Fuel Mixture injection) [1].

Yamaha jet-fuel mixture injection
Yamaha jet-fuel mixture injection is an advanced technology of motorcycle engine that carries the injection system with amazing acceleration as the jet, but that makes the bizarre from the motorcycle yamaha mio j is already proven to be far more efficient. Much more efficient ..? “Ah .. where there is an efficient motorcycle injection ..? Everywhere the namanaya motor matic tuh ya definitely wasteful … “

Wait … wait, this suggestion is true for the bikers in Indonesia that it is wasteful matic motorcycle .. But definitely going to yamaha mio j change it all, the article j yamaha mio now present more efficient tidah only 10, 20, but yamaha mio j has been proven 30% more efficient. The following penjelasanya why yamaha mio more efficient.

Motor Matic Injeksi Irit Harga Murah Yamaha
Fuel supply system adopts Mio-J Low Friction Engine Technology which produces a low friction power. “The system makes the engine temperature is well controlled so that fuel consumption is much more economical,” The system is integrated with the Cam Shaft (the addition of special bearing) and cranksaft assy so that rotation is more gentle and very low heat effect. Not to mention, using the Turbo Fan cooling system so the engine cool faster.

Injector position leads directly into the combustion chamber so that the flow is not impeded and water capable of supplying air assist passage quickly and create the effect of turbulence. It makes the fuel and air mixture to be easily burned in the combustion chamber. Motor matic injection economical low price – Yamaha Mio J

More and More and Save Money Fast … It’s Magic

Still can not believe that Yamaha Mio J 30% more efficient? Here is a re-test fuel consumption Yamaha Mio J. By Yudi rod. Motor arrived Friday evening of March 23, 2012. When the motor arrived and unloaded from the car pick up, I took my video and also point to the position of speedometer, see figure 124.5. [2]. M start to test the fuel consumption J Mio is on the next day or Saturday March 24, 2012. Around 11 am I went up to the pump motors mio J Jl.Jend Sudirman Trunk, to ensure the contents of tank is full and visible figures diSpido 134.1 meters, this figure is that I made ​​reference earlier start [2]

On the first test session in the hunting episode nanny / maid in the countryside, I (yudi Trunk) a lift of my son was six years old and no one volunteers (who did not want his name published) is willing to accompany using the scooter as well to see that this test done without engineering and what it is. Route taken by the SASI test first is from the pump rod Jl.Jendral Sudirman – single Wono – Rest center of information-poor.
Type the road is relatively smooth, up and down, two-way, past rice fields and villages. Speed ​​of about 40-50 km / jam..sesekali 60 km / h. I opened the gas handle gently, never snaps at all even to the preceding vehicle. knowingly bring a child ..

Until brigde poor center of information, we rested diwarung-shop near the bridge. Wondering about a nanny local kependuduk all eat, drink and play invites the eldest Once is enough though not to the info about the helper (some say better than the xylophone nyari nyari maid girlfriend). We continued our journey back to the trunk. I was among the eldest came home first and then followed the second test session. The route followed by the trunk-road pantura – SPBU.Jrakah umbrella – back kekota rod. On route to the house via an umbrella SPBU.Jrakah pantura, speeds between 60 -80 km / h. This time I did not dare to top speed, because the accident left my safety gear mainstay dicirebon so I wore a jacket rudimentary safety gear, half face helmet, gloves and boots biker bars welcomed into town a little crowded around the congestion due to vehicles ahead of the market stems, here I am trying to maneuver between the cars that run faltered. Hhmm … Mio J is indeed mantab chassis. Then we went back to the pump Jl.Jendral sudirman fuel rods to fill back up to full.

After completion of the content of the fuel, I came home and itung-itungan Yamaha Mio A fuel consumption like this:
A. Start up a full tank of fuel at KM 134.1
2. Finish full content of the fuel tank at KM 201.5
3. The total distance 67.4 km
4. Fuel required for a distance of 67.4 km = 0.87 Liter
5. So pertamax 0.87 liter can for a distance of 67.4 KM or 67.4 divided by 0.87 = 77.47 km / liter
The conclusion of the test fuel with the MIO J pertamax to pass excl rural road with 40-60 km / h and with speed through the northern coast road 60-80 km / h is 1 liter: 77.47 Km!! [2] Well .. Now it’s believed that more efficient Yamaha Mio A 30%?
Price of Yamaha Mio motorcycle matic J

To get all the features and technology as sophisticated and cool Yamaha Mio J, in Jakarta, Mio J-FI is priced at only USD 11.99 million, Mio CW J-FI price is Rp 12.8 million, Mio J-CWA Teen FI worth USD 12.93 million . How to ..? Cheap is not it?

Motor Matic Injeksi Irit Harga Murah Yamaha

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